Seeking a Concierge Doctor in Tampa?


You deserve compassionate health care practitioners and twenty four access to your physician and health care teams. As a True Health concierge care patient you will pay an affordable monthly fee, and receive an unparalleled level of attention. Our program is open to everyone, at any time, regardless of any and all existing health conditions. Concierge Care is direct care, you pay your physician directly and are not required to go through an insurance company.



Concierge_doctor_tampa_12Is Concierge Care better than your current situation?

You should not have to wait twenty minutes in a lobby, or have indirect communication with one of the most important individuals in your life.

We believe that giving patients personalized attention is important. At True Health, relationships are built upon trust and reliability. You will have full access to your physician, including their cell phone number and email address.



Compassionate PeopleConcierge_doctor_tampa_26

Our physicians treat every patient as they would want to be treated; with respect for their time and consideration for their situation. Your doctor will take the time to actually listen to you, answer your questions and research the answers when needed.

Each of our practitioners will provide medical care customized to your particular needs.


Concierge_doctor_tampa_14Can excellent health care be affordable?

Our various health care programs provide a wide range of services which result in an extensive list of benefits to our members, for a set monthly fee.

Those on a tight budget can select a basic program that benefits their health. To learn more details about each program, please click on our Individuals & Families tab.

Giving You and Your Family Our Best

We will give you our best. That’s a statement rarely used in modern times, and although many are afraid to put it in writing, it is the motto we live by.


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