Self Insured Companies

Offering Excellent Healthcare is Great For Business!

True_Health_Concierge_Doctor_Tampa_15A healthy workforce delivers increased productivity, greater job satisfaction, and higher retention. Plus your employees will be impressed with our highly personalized service and convenience.

When a company decides to become self-insured, it’s taking a calculated risk. The company agrees that it will pay for all of its healthcare related expenses (doctor and specialist visits, employee surgeries, etc.) so it’s betting that it will cost less out-of-pocket to pay for these expenses alone than buy traditional health insurance from a carrier.

But talk to any insurance expert and they’ll tell you if you’re self-insured and don’t do anything to change the actual health of your employees, your company could be financially vulnerable.

Customized Programs

We are able to develop customized Corporate Care programs to deliver primary care services to self-insured companies. These programs help companies mitigate financial risk by helping employees to get healthy and stay healthy.


One unhealthy employee can change the tone of a meeting, lower morale and decrease productivity.

The Bottom Line

Providing dedicated and proactive primary care services to employees has proven to help reduce the need for unnecessary medical expenses. Your company may experience the following benefits from Concierge Care:

  • Decrease total number of E.R. visits
  • Decrease the total number of sick days
  • Decrease total number of hospitalizations
  • Cut the average hospitalization length of stay in half
  • Increase productivity and prevent “presentee-ism”
  • Eliminate employee co-pays for primary care visits

We have the opportunity to work well with Taft-Hartley Trust and collectively bargained plans. Our members enjoy great access and care, and plans can lower costs while improving member health. No matter the size of your organization, we can improve the health of your employees, and the financial health of your bottom line.

Our clinics can take care of 91% of the healthcare services your workforce might need.

What are the benefits to your organization?

  • Concierge Doctor Tampa True Health 17No restrictions based on age or pre-existing conditions—everyone is accepted and treated
  • Unlimited access for employees to primary health care as an integrated part of your benefits plan
  • Unhurried appointments with doctors who focus completely on your employees’ health and wellbeing
  • Health care support in person, by phone, or by email
  • No co-payments, co-insurance, or deductibles
  • Coordination with your other benefit offerings
  • Reporting on employee utilization and health indicators

And the benefits to your employees ?

  • Concierge Doctor Tampa 217-day a week access to their physician and health care team
  • Same or next-day appointments for urgent care
  • 30-60 minute office visits
  • Phone appointments and e-visits
  • After hour phone access to a physician for urgent medical needs
  • Convenient, basic x-rays onsite at no additional charge
  • An Annual Executive Physical and Health Risk Analysis
  • On-site doctor availability during health fairs
  • 24/7 Access to physician via Cell Phone and Email
  • Unlimited Office Visits
  • On-site blood draws
  • An online patient health management portal
  • Rx Scripts
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • concierge_doctor_Tampa_10Unrestricted Exam Times
  • Flexible Appointment Scheduling
  • Complete Management and Coordination of Care
  • Personal Wellness Program
  • House calls when necessary
  • At place-of-business visits from the doctor

Contact Group Accounts

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We would love to tell you more about how an employer plan can make a difference for the health of your employees—and your organization.


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