FAQ for Employers

Concierge Doctor Tampa 24AQuestion:  Is your program insurance?

No. We work directly with our patients to provide primary and preventive care services described in our Patient Services Guide. We do not provide specialist, hospital or emergency care, but can refer patients to providers within their plan network.

Question:  Does your program pair with insurance plans?

Yes. We can work with any type of insurance plan. Most employers that incorporate our program into their benefits plans save 10% or more, with some employers saving over 40%.


Concierge_doctor_tampa_34Question:  Are family members eligible?

Yes. Spouses, domestic partners, children, parents and other family members may be added to or removed from your billing account at any time. Each patient will receive his or her own individual medical record.

Question:  What about specialty care outside of the care you provide?

When patients’ health care needs extend beyond the scope of primary care, our clinicians will work with outside specialists, pharmacies and hospitals to coordinate care. Though our care fee does not cover outside care, we will work to provide referrals to specialists within your planned network.


NOTE: Prescriptions may be filled at any pharmacy and may be billed to your plan. Lab tests are processed outside of our program by our local partner lab and can be billed to your plan by the reference lab.


Concierge_doctor_tampa_35Question:  When does open enrollment begin?

Anytime! We accept new patients at any time during the year.


Question:  Do you currently offer your program to Taft-Hartley Trust and collectively bargained plans?

Yes. We partners with unions, employers and their benefits plans to create a comprehensive health care solution at an affordable price.