Fully Insured Companies

Corporate Care Programs

For companies that have health insurance, we can compliment and enhance a corporate benefits program by providing dedicated proactive primary care to every employee and executive. Through our Corporate Care program, our doctors play an active role in keeping your workforce healthy and productive.

The Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine sited that executives who participated in comprehensive physicals lost 45 percent fewer workdays and had 20 percent fewer health claims than those who did not. Don’t you want your employees to be in the office as many days as possible?

Doing More To Promote Health

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Offering health insurance to your employees, does not mean you’re keeping them healthy. It’s difficult for a company to influence employee health behaviors and persuade them to take good care of themselves. It’s virtually impossible, nor is it the company’s place, to make sure employees are scheduling annual physicals, going to see a specialist or actually taking the medications they have been prescribed.

Our doctors have the time to influence patient behavior and monitor progress. Our doctors call their patients directly to make sure they’re doing what their supposed to –not just when their sick, but when they should have their annual physical, or get new blood work just to make sure things are working the way they’re supposed to.

Our corporate program complements any company’s existing benefits offering, particularly when paired with a high deductible plan. To learn more about how we work with insurance, please contact us.

The Benefits to Your Employees

  • Concierge Doctor Tampa 23APosition your company as a health benefits front-runner in your industry
  • A unique employee retention tool – establish good will with employees to secure a long lasting relationship with quality talent
  • A progressive productivity tool – less hours at an off site doctor’s office, fewer sick days (employees and family), more time earning
  • A creative cost savings tool for your employees – limit number of employee, spouse and child co-pays for primary care visits
  • Improved health for your employees – Easy access to a primary care physician yield better health outcomes
  • Improved health tracking – We deliver various HIPAA-compliant usage reports to better understand the employees health behaviors

Take Action To Improve Your Company

Interested in learning how we can keep your talent healthy and productive? Give us a call and we can meet to discuss a program customized to meet your company’s needs.