Prescription Refills

We offer four ways to request prescription refills:

Concierge Doctor Tampa 29A

1)  Notify your pharmacy and they will contact with us and take care of everything else.



AA0332382)  Call the Prescription Refill Line that is provided upon membership enrollment, and follow the instructions.


Concierge Doctor Tampa 42A3)  Email your physician and include: full name, date of birth, and medication.


Concierge_doctor_tampa_304)  Notify a member of our staff, and that individual will help facilitate the refill.

When communicating with a member of our staff, please provide the following information for accuracy:

  • Your full name

  • Name of medication

  • Dosage (e.g. oz, mg)

  • Frequency (e.g. daily)

  • Required quantity (e.g. 30 or 90 day supply)

  • Preferred pharmacy name & phone number